What are the target platforms?
PS5 / PS4 / PC
Are you a solo developer?
Jae (Fkkcloud) is StudioSai's only FTE until August 2023, now, several people are joining Studio Sai for the 2nd game.
Will there be voice acting?
What do you mean by a Persona-inspired game or dating system?
It has a day-by-day calendar system and you can make "relationship" with characters which makes you stronger in the game.
Will the people you date have an effect on gameplay?
Yes, the closer you are with someone, the stronger they will be in battle.
Was this originally developed under the name Kafka?
Is StudioSai Fkkcloud?
Yes, Studio Sai is the legal studio name.
Is Eternights developed in Unreal or Unity?
Unity. However, the 2nd game will be developed with UE5